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How we work

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, yet they’re falling behind as the bigger companies increasingly dominate online marketing.

Advertising costs are increasing, and competition is growing in every market.

It’s hard to know how to stand out in an overcrowded marketplace without a huge advertising budget.

‘Experts’ will tell you that you need more Facebook likes, a chatbot, SEO or PPC marketing. But they don’t tell you what you really need: A solid, proven marketing strategy. The step-by-step process used by every successful company in the world

If you ever...

Then our 3 step process to build high converting websites that attract, engage and convert more of your website visitors into customer or clients can help.

1. Plan

2. Build

3. Launch


The foundation of everything that we do. The audit phase helps us to really understand your business and your competitors. Your customers and their problems and more importantly how you solve those problems.

People search online for solutions to their problems.
So we help you to get really clear about
• Who is your ideal customer of client?
• What problems to they have and how do you solve them?
• What do they want?
• What do you want?

We will map out the content needed that focuses on their problems and which speaks to them in the way that they speak – no insider jargon here.
We’ll help you to understand their problems better than they do themselves.
And, as a result, your customers or clients will automatically trust that you are the ideal person to help them.

Your Customer’s journey.
All buying decisions follow a sequence – a series of steps that your customer or client goes through when trying to solve their problems.
These steps might be completed in a matter of minutes or, in some cases over weeks or even months.
We’ll help you to understand your customer’s journey and what’s needed at each stage to move them towards becoming a customer – your automated sales funnel.

Your automated sales funnel is a series of pages on your website that deals with each stage of your customer journey.
These include:-
• Articles that answer your customers or clients questions
• Free giveaway information – used in return for your customers email address,
• Follow-up email series that provides more info and invites your potential customer to move to the next stage of the customer journey.
• Sales pages. Distraction-free pages designed to get your customer to take action.
Once we have created this detailed map for your website, we move onto creating the content.

Writing your webpages
Using our proven frameworks, we’ll review the content that you already have to see if it meets your needs.
If not, we’ll rework it for you.
Don’t have the content you need? No problem – we’ll create if for you.

Email follow up sequence
The sad truth is that 96% of the people who visit your website will leave – never to return.
That means that nearly all of the money and effort spend getting them to your website is wasted – down the drain.
You can avoid this by offering your visitors something that they value in return for their email address.

An automated email follow up sequence allows you to send them the thing that they up for and move importantly, a series of emails afterwards to remind them about what you do, and how it can help them.
Done well, it builds trust and positions your business as the obvious choice when they are ready to move forward.
We’ll show you the different types of giveaways you can use to get their email address.
Design them for you and then write the emails for you to use in your email follow-up sequence.


Now everything that we’ve created so far, comes together.

We’ll upload all of your new pages, programme your email follow-up systems and make sure that all of the pieces work together.


With your new automatic sales system working properly, it’s time to turn on the traffic taps to create a flood of new enquiries.

 There are two kinds of visitors to your website:

Paid and organic
Paid traffic is just as it sounds.
You pay for ads on Google, Bing or on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.
The best way to use paid ads is to send the traffic to a piece of content that provides value to visitors and link that content to your giveaway offer. Then capture their email address and follow up as often as you want afterwards – for free.

Organic traffic
Organic traffic is content that you post on the web for people to find when they search for it.
This can be articles on your own site or someone else’s site, social media posts or videos.
This content can be shown by Google and the search engines below the paid ads.
There’s huge competition for your content to be seen online because the search engines only show up to 10 results on each page. So, just getting your content to appear on these results pages takes a lot of effort.
Your content pieces need to be built so that the search engines understand what the article is about and at which position in the search results pages it should appear.
This is known as SEO –

Search Engine Optimisation.
Paid traffic offers immediate results – you can get visitors to your website in minutes.
But, if it’s not done right. It’s really expensive.
Organic traffic takes longer to build. But if you create the right content consistently, you’ll eventually see results.
A mix of paid and organic traffic leads to a steady and repeatable flow of visitors to your automatic sales system.

Our network of partners can help you create the right mix of organic and paid traffic to feed your new sales system.

Optimise for conversions
Once you have a steady stream of leads flowing into your business, it’s time to measure the results to see what improvements are needed.
Google helps with this.
They have analytics tools available to all website owners that can be used to find any bottlenecks in your sales process.
Do visitors stop at a certain point and leave?
Do they leave things in their shopping cart?
We’ll install Google analytics on your site and set up conversion measuring to make sure that your new automatic sales system doesn’t lose customers.

Website maintenance and support
With your new automatic sales system firing on all cylinders and generating customers and clients on autopilot, we’ll be quietly working in the background to protect everything.
We’ll update the software regularly and back the whole thing up in the cloud every day.
We’ll set up the latest security measures to protect your website and provide support wherever you need it.
Leaving you to enjoy the freedom that your profitable business now provides for.

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